self titled shit

by Anthrot

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recorded by eric at noise pollution studios.


released December 22, 2010




Anthrot San Diego, California

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Track Name: Born Failure
give up. there is no hope for a future
devoid of the necessities
that demand your willing or forced participation
that demand suffering for survival.
student. worker. taxpayer. just another consumer.
from within or on the outskirts. with or against.
deceptive, useless rebellions.
submissive or revolutionary. it doesn’t fucking matter.
Track Name: False
safe and secure in the framework
of ritualistic escapism
adaptive personas. false progression.
applauding unaccomplishments
in this place, a home is built for complacency
unscathed. unmoving. forever.
it all means nothing
if this is the end all
i’d rather end it all
idle in the grasps of nightmare, not a dream
where reality’s skewed beyond recognition
and everything’s not as it seems
too perfect. too clean. too fucking comfortable.
Track Name: Every Child Is A Mistake
every child born to perpetuate this species
plays an active role in legacies of torment and extinction
a genocidal scourge. a parasitic dream.
ignoring other worlds where thousands are left starving
cloaked in pure intentions. blind to screams unanswered
another life becomes the spoon that nourishes this cancer
it can’t be justified or deemed your birthright
it’s not your choice to make, to bring forth another life
every child born through ignorant tradition
maintains the land we’ve stolen for continued occupation
speciesism swallowed by your blind indoctrination
human centered dogma steers the flock toward procreation
let our bloodline end with us. names forgotten. crimes forgiven.
let this age become our last. may we rot within the fossil record.
no resistance. no coexistence.
no chance in hell this plague will ever rid itself
no salvation. no liberation.
no ecosystem thrives until the last human has died.
Track Name: Jesus Punks Fuck Off
jesus punks fuck off
what once was resistance
you dilute into more of the same
believe me when I say
you are not welcome here
and haven’t you stolen enough?
Track Name: Rapture
shed your blood in repentance
absolve the crimes of your servants
ignite the fires of the rapture
reclaim your kingdom far from here
feast like kings in your heaven
while we cry tears of relief
the thrones erected in your name
become the graves of your torment
a prayer lord, take your children home
so that this hell may be our own
leave no trace of your crowns
no trace of thrones
Track Name: Trails
chemical trails seep from the skies
controlling your mind at last
unspoken operations
a government sanctioned experiment
poison breeds within the lungs
paralysis of thought
there is no fucking escape
Track Name: Fixity Of Ignorance
soon to be mere artifacts of creatures forgotten
and with our remains, so rots our bullshit ideas
modernity is not a sought-after goal
but a footnote in a continual timeline
where species emerge and fall out of existence
while the earth maintains
fixed ignorance perpetuated by
the dominance culture of modern humans
your as worthless as the former
and will be replaced by another
humanity is not a sought-after goal
but a footnote in a continual timeline
evolution is not an end-goal process
but an ever-occurring phenomenon
reliance on culture as an adaptive strategy
doesn’t imply species superiority