Adult Contemporary

by Anthrot

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released July 5, 2012




Anthrot San Diego, California

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Track Name: Spray Paint The Walls
taking to the streets with krylons in the backpacks,
and a passion for destruction. fuck asking for permission.

the bombers won't be stopped. graffiti can't be stopped.

fat cap attacks. drip tags and throws.
treading a path of destruction.
every billboard, every street sign, every wall left unscathed
is another viable target.

it feels good to see disgust in their eyes.
it feels good to fuck shit up.
Track Name: Lines On A Map / Solo Otro Humano
lines on a map-

white america, safe behind concrete walls
blind to cultures displaced, lands torn for capital
ignoring histories of past migration patterns
and colonial conquest of indigenous populations

fuck la migra
fuck the state
fuck all borders

fuck consumption
fuck white privilege
fuck all borders

solo otro humano-

eres lleno de mierda. sus creencias son basura. antropocentrico y tan ignorante.

tu eres insignificante.
tu vales nada.
solo otro humano.
Track Name: Carpe Noctem
if the law is wrong, it needs to be broken

"The social environment is the cultivation medium of criminality; every society has the criminals it deserves"
-Alexandre Lacassagne

"The vilest deeds like poison weeds
Bloom well in prison-air:
It is only what is good in Man
That wastes and withers there"
-Oscar Wilde

bring terror, bring rage, bring fire,
and carpe noctem

fire to their property, fire to their homes,
fire to their prisons, they'll burn, burn
Track Name: Comfort In A Blindfold
isolated selfishness. televised sedatives.
displaced violence. erased actuality.
fleshbag consumer.

fuck your irreality,
your complacent disposition, your comfort in a blindfold.
turn away, you fucking coward.

i'm not fucking sorry.
Track Name: God Hates Us All
pandemic infection, prolonged drought
nuclear winter, atmosphere gone
hypernova, comets rain
irradiated spectrum, galactic collision
earth engulfed, earth engulfed

god hates us all